How SAEL does it





Space Ark Enterprise, LLC, (SAEL™) is on a mission to send your DNA into deep space, where the essential code of your singular human life will orbit through the solar system like a new planet. 

SAEL’s primary goal is perpetual preservation of your uniqueness by using high-tech encapsulation, the preserving cold of space, and a revolutionary manner of space launch.  DNA encapsulation can be individual; or in groups of friends, families, and communities. 

An important additional goal is to make the SAEL-Away™ service affordable to as many people as is practical. 

Every day the SAEL-Away website will show where in space the DNA has reached, even while its donors are still on Earth. 

Besides preservation for its own sake, the SAEL-Away adventure offers unknown future possibilities such as those described in the novella Journal 7.



Space Ark Enterprise, LLC

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