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SAEL Is interested in maintaining the security of you identity. We welcome

suggestions on how to improve our procedures. Current procedures are as follows.



Identification Privacy:  We at SAEL™ are interested in maintaining the privacy of your identity and we are taking steps to provide a shield against the abuse of our service by any person or agency that wants to develop a DNA data base.  We want to preserve your DNA and your privacy. We have developed what we believe is an extremely secure system of protection.  Nonetheless, SAEL welcomes suggestions on how to improve its system.  The current system is as follows.
When SAEL receives your payment and your completed application form, SAEL will send you a DNA sampling kit with a unique identification number. This number is one of a billion random numbers.  It is the key to your privacy and should be protected as such.
As soon as your DNA sample is received by SAEL, your number will be highlighted among the ten thousand unrepeated random numbers that are posted on the www.SAEL-Away.com website.  These unrepeated ten thousand numbers are a random portion of more than a billion unrepeated random numbers. When you see your number highlighted on the website, then you will know that that your DNA has been received and has been entered into the SAELing system.  Using that number you can follow your DNA’s progress through the system and see the planned date for its launching.  The number also allows you to track your DNA in space once it has been launched.
The list of ten thousand numbers available on the website at any one time will be changed periodically.  Your number, however, will not be changed.  It will remain on the site permanently.  Only the unused numbers will be changed.  They will be exchanged for others of the billion random numbers.  This is done to prevent anyone from developing any scheme to cheat the system.
You should record your secret DNA identification number (provided in your sampling kit on a barcode) in a secure place.  The success of our privacy plan means that SAEL will have no way of linking your DNA to you.  Only you will know that the number applies to your DNA, so do not lose it.
In addition to your DNA identification number, your kit will contain another random number.  This password number will allow you to enter through a “gateway” to inner parts of the SAEL-Away website.  Until your DNA sample is received, the number will not be active.  After that time, you will be afforded information not available to the general public. For your privacy, no record of it is kept anywhere else other than as a legitimate number used by the website to allow your entry. You are the ONLY person with this number.  Space Ark Enterprise LLC (SAEL) cannot give it to you if it is lost.  Nor can the company give you the barcode information.
To access the controlled portion of the website, go to www.SAEL-Away.com and check the scroll bar of random numbers.  If you see your barcode number highlighted, then your DNA sample has been received and your access password has been activated.  Enter that password.  Once in the controlled area, you can reset your code to whatever you wish. But remember … only YOU will have a record of the number.  DO NOT LOSE IT!  No one can help if you do.  You will still know that your DNA will be sent on a flight, but you will not be able to see where it is in the process of preparation and launch.
This access number also will be your access credential if at some later time you wish to physically inspect your sample (incurs a fee).  Although we do not know who you are, we do know that the access number belongs with the DNA number.  (To reduce the chances of anyone tracking you by working back through your ISP, you can go to a computer other than your own and change your password.)
To inspect your DNA sample, you will have to provide BOTH of your original numbers. You will be asked for no additional identifying information than presentation of these numbers. Anyone who has both of those numbers can physically see your sample card. However, the sample card will not be given over to anyone.

Financial Security: We at SAEL have established a mechanism to assure those persons who have bought a reservation that we are using funds in a responsible and dedicated manner towards the end of launching your DNA into deep space for preservation.  An independent financial auditing system has been established.  The SAEL-Away website will contain periodic reports from the head of the auditing team.  As much transparency as is practical will be maintained for reservation holders to see how funds are allocated to various parts of the SAEL-Away adventure.



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