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The purchaser of this reservation indicates by completing and signing the order form below that he/she understands that Space Ark Enterprise, LLC, is endeavoring, with full expectation of success, to provide a service that collects, encapsulates, and launches into space, for the purpose of perpetual preservation, DNA samples provided by its customers.
The SAEL-Away™ adventure is advancing the leading edge of technology and the endeavor is accordingly accompanied by a finite risk of not meeting all of its goals.  When a reservation is purchased, it should be understood that the reservation is for a future flight on a Space Ark.  Until that time, the customer’s DNA will be stored in a manner that supports its preservation.
An independent third party auditor will be engaged to add a level of assurance to customers of the SAEL-Away™ service that Space Ark Enterprise, LLC, efforts are dedicated to the mission and that any failure to achieve the goals of the service is not the result of deception or lack of effort to successfully complete the adventure.
In summary, the customer is purchasing a non-refundable reservation to SAEL-Away™ on an early flight of a Space Ark, the first launch of which is anticipated to occur within 18 months of program funding, but cannot be guaranteed.
      Follow the detailed instructions given on the website.  There (and on the back of this form) you will see that a random numbering system has been established to protect your privacy and a multiple layer auditing system has been established to make certain your money goes to providing the service you desire.

Cost is based on Priority and Grouping of SAELing desired
SAELing guaranteed within the first ten (10) launches is $495.  Within the first five (5) launches is $750.  Within the first two (2) launches is $995. SAELing on the very first launch* is $2250 (For groups encapsulated together, add $100 per person.)
    *Includes backup sample launch in case of launch failure
Order details:
            ____ kits for priority cost of $ 495 equals total of   $__________
            ____ kits for priority cost of $ 750 equals total of   $__________
            ____ kits for priority cost of $995  equals total of  $__________
            ____ kits for priority cost of $2250 equals total of  $__________
            ____ group encapsulation @ $100 equals total of   $__________
                                                GRAND TOTAL                  $__________

Printed name __________________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________________

Mail this form and your payment to:             Space Ark Enterprise LLC
                                                                        PO Box 2692
                                                                        Grants Pass, OR  97528



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